The social hour is intended to be a largely informal event to bring people in CSL together. We want you to talk to CSL members outside of your immediate collaborators and be exposed to all the areas that CSL has to offer.

Everybody in CSL is welcome to the social hour (students, post-docs, faculty, research scientists, etc.). 

Snacks will be provided. For now, cookies and water. This may change as time progresses.

Time: Fridays 3-4 PM,  CSL 301 (The Large Conference Room)


Typical Format

  • 1 to 3 student/post-doc/researcher/faculty/etc. talks totaling to about 15 minutes on what they’re working on, and its broader impact.  (Think not-too-technical elevator pitch!)
  • You may use a whiteboard or slides
  • Eat, drink and talk with others in CSL for the remaining time!

We are open to changes to this format upon request, and having initiatives related to CSL do brief presentations as well.

When its your turn to present

If you are presenting, please send:

  • Topic
  • A short abstract (three to five sentences, up to 100 words)
  • Optional: Picture of yourself

We will post these abstracts a week before you are scheduled to present.

Remember, CSL is a fairly broad audience. If your research is in thin film electronics, remember to make the talk accessible to people in signal processing and vice versa.