Inaugural Fall’17 Social Hour, September 1, 2017

Welcome back!! We hope you all had a refreshing break and are rejuvenated to witness yet another riveting series of informal talks at the CSL Social Hour. We would like you to meet the CSL administrative leadership at the inaugural social hour of the semester on Friday, September 1 in 301 CSL. We will have the director of CSL, Dr. Klara Nahrstedt, and other CSL administrative leadership members will discuss CSL organization, planned CSL events, exciting activities for the upcoming academic year, and preview the upcoming CSL academic year. Attendees will learn who is doing what on the administrative side of CSL, what is the administrative support structure in CSL, where and how one can find people, services and resources to help CSL members to be highly successful in research and education.

BioKlara Nahrstedt is the Ralph and Catherine Fisher Full Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Computer Science Department, and the Director of Coordinated Science Laboratory at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Klara Nahrstedt received her BA in mathematics from Humboldt University, Berlin, in 1984, and M.Sc. degree in numerical analysis from the same university in 1985. She was a research scientist in the Institute for Informatik in Berlin until 1990. In 1995 she received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Computer and Information Science. She is the ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow, and the Member of Leopoldina German National Academy of Sciences.

Join the Social Hour to learn about the people of the administrative infrastructure with whom CSL students, postdocs and faculty interact with and get emails from, and about the CSL place CSL members will spend many hours during the upcoming academic year. And most importantly come, and enjoy food and company of CSL peers, staff and faculty.