Special CSL Social Hour, April 15, 2016

The CSL Social Hour Organizing Committee is very excited to announce this week’s special social hour sponsored by Granular. The session will focus on best practices for stress management and focus and info on Granular’s technology. We will be joined by our guest speakers Jake Kreider and Sophie Roney. The event will be held in CSL 301 at 3pm.

Important: There will be internship/full-time opportunities for CSL students.

jkBio: Jake Kreider is the Engineering Director for Granular’s Champaign office. He has been developing software professionally for the last 13 years, and unprofessionally for longer than that. He has worked in a variety of enterprise platforms and languages, and in a variety of contexts including front-end web applications, back-end data processing, and intersystem middleware. He enjoys learning new programming languages, following advancements in software development, and looking for hilariously-captioned pictures of cats on the Internet. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois State University and a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University.


Sophie1Bio: Sophie Roney is the Site Director for Granular Champaign in Research Park.  As Site Director (aka Happiness Manager), she creates an uplifting environment by providing the tools and conditions for the office to thrive.   Sophie is also a Yogi who teaches Hatha and Kundalini yoga and meditation tools to the C-U community.  Sophie earned her B.S from the University of Illinois-College of Business.