CSL Social Hour, September 18, 2015

This week, Chandrasekaran Jayaraman, is going to give a brief presentation on “Cubitus journey into entrepreneurship“. The event will be held in CSL 369 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.


Chandrasekaran Jayaraman is a PhD student in Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering (and also a CSLer). He is working with Prof. Carolyn Beck (ISE) and Prof. Jacob Sosnoff (Department of Kinesiology and Community Health). While he was doing research on wheelchair user mobility and patient therapy, he saw a real need to prevent shoulder pain/injury among his research subjects, and thus, founded Cubitus.

The Cubitus team members also include Adam Burns, an MS student in civil and environmental engineering; and Mudassir Khan, a junior in bioengineering with a minor in entrepreneurship.

Cubitus’s goal is to provide a low-cost option where users will access their daily wheelchair propulsion metrics and training on their mobile device.  None of these propulsion measures are currently available to the user except in a specialized rehab clinic. The Cubitus technology will increase their awareness of shoulder health by being able to monitor and correct their pushing form regularly.

As a part of Cubitus, Jayamaran has also been awarded a 2015 Entrepreneurship at Illinois Summer Fellowship through the Technology Entrepreneurship Center (TEC).

Cubitus glove with sensors
Cubitus glove with sensors