CSL Social Hour – Nov 14, 2014

The social hour will be held in CSL 369, student lounge,

And as usual there will be plenty of cakes and fruits.

Everyone is welcome to attend.


Shannon Chen










This week we are glad to have, Shannon Chen, talking about his research,

with the topic “3DTI Amphitheater”.

He is currently a third year PhD candidate of Computer Science Department,

And he is working with Prof Klara Nahrstedt, on  multimedia, networking, and psychology.

Join us to learn more.


Previously on social hours:


khaled Alshehri








On Oct 17, We enjoyed Khaled Alshehri talking about “Game Theory and the Smart Grid: An Overview”.

He is second year graduate student, in ECE department, working with Prof Tamer Basar.

The CSL social hour organizing committee like to thank him for preparing the talk, in a short notice.

Ihab Nahlus








On Oct 24, We were happy to have Ihab Nahlus, talking about “A mixed-signal approach for computing dot-products“.

He is graduate student in department of Electrical Engineering, working in the area of Circuits.

And He is also one of the organizers of the following CSL student Conference.











On Nov 7, We were glad to have Lewis Tseng presenting his research, about “Probabilistic CAP model”.

He is PhD student in Department of Computer Science,

And He is a member of Distributed Algorithms and Wireless Networking (DAWN) Group .

Finally, We’d like to thank you all, for joining us in CSL social hour,