CSL Social Hour – February 7, 2014

The second social hour will be held from 3PM-4PM in the CSL lounge (Room 369).

Everybody affiliated with CSL is welcome at the social (students, postdocs, faculty, research scientists, etc.).

Our speakers for this week:

Remote Sensing


Pablo M. Reyes will be talking about his work on probing the equatorial ionosphere with radars and rockets during the NASA/EVEX campaign at Kwajalein during May 2013. He will talk about radar observations of “sunset electrodynamics” of the equatorial ionosphere during the NASA/EVEX(Equatorial vortex experiment) campaign at Kwajalein on May 2013. The sequence of the ALTAIR radar scans  will be shown together with the trajectory of a couple of rockets and satellite passes during the experiment. In the radar scans the initiation, development and evolution of equatorial plasma bubble instabilities will be pointed out.

Decision & Control







Xiaobin Gao is working with Professor Tamer Basar. He will talk about a remote estimation problem involving a controlled sensor.

Next week, we are looking for speakers from the following areas:

  • Reliable & High Performance Computing
  • Circuits & Electronics
  • Decision & Control

If you are interested in speaking, please contact your area representative.


Also, make sure to sign up to present and attend the CSL Student Conference! We still need posters!