CSL Social Hour – January 31, 2014

The first social hour will be held from 3PM-4PM in the CSL lounge (Room 369).

Everybody affiliated with CSL is welcome at the social (students, postdocs, faculty, research scientists, etc.).

Our speakers for this week:

Signal, Image and Speech Processing

corey1 Ryan Corey is working in the Systems on Nanoscale Information Fabrics (SONIC) Center. He will discuss his research modeling mixed-signal interfaces using unreliable circuits. He is a member of Professor Singer’s group in CSL. 

Circuits and Electronics

tsungwei Tsung-Wei Huang is working with Professor Martin D.F. Wong. He will talk about his work in electronic design automation (EDA).

Next week, we are looking for speakers from the following areas:

  • Decision & Control
  • Remote Sensing
  • Communications

If you are interested in speaking, please contact your area representative.


Also, make sure to sign up to present and attend the CSL Student Conference! We still need posters!