CSL Social Hour

We’re kicking off the first CSL Social Hour on January 31, 2014 from 3-4 PM in the CSL Lounge (room 369 CSL)!

The format of the social hour is described here. Expect coffee, cookies, cakes and/or fruits!

For the first week, we are looking for a speaker from each of the following areas:

  • Reliable and High Performance Computing
  • Signal, Image and Speech Processing
  • Circuits or Computational, Physical and Thin Film Electronics

If you are in these areas, please contact your area representative if you are interested in speaking. We are still looking for an area representative from Signal, Image and Speech Processing — if you’re interested in being an area representative for these areas, please contact ligo2@illinois.edu.

Otherwise, show up, eat, drink and meet your fellow CSLers!

Also, make sure to sign up to present at the CSL Student Conference! We still need talks and posters!